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Story of the dog SHIRO

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  [Story of the dog SHIRO ...]

..................... SHIRO in heaven .........

…how are you doing? It passed since SHIRO is died over 10 years .........

Today, I would like to talk a fierce 10 years of SHIRO and Kirara leave.


- Chapter I -

  --- Puppy came to our house (● ^ o ^ ●)

1 mice of dog came to our house. The name is a boy of SHIRO, age 45 days.

I had kept a female dog of Akita dog (Kelly) in the grandfather's house childhood.

At the time, the train commuting in the mother work.

His mother Kelly is so went to pick up daily Station.

Born me after many years or, well Kelly when the mother go out to shopping, was protect me properly iterator to the front door.

,,, Passed or month, to his father, and listen to the "What kind of dog is that dog?"

"That, I'm Akita dog" he told me that.

At that moment, package and the current ran to my body.

Since then, becomes irresistibly like like the Akita dog, it has been longing much in love in love with the Akita dog.

When they become 29 years old, we were met with the longing of the Akita dog (SHIRO).

After all, because of keep yourself was the first time,
Shepherd the way does not know at all, I was very hard.

Or doing anchovy, we or eat the dog food and vegetables, how to give the correct bait did not know refreshing.

Will was because of that, I started to occur gradually accident to the body of the SHIRO.

Then it will become primary care to the veterinarian,
Now to grow SHIRO in mutual agreement in consultation with the veterinarian.

What have never dealt with so much Akita dog vet, SHIRO is now feel like a lab bench.

I, SHIRO gradually become the anxiety of the skin is funny, it was not really to leave, which is said of the veterinarian's still do not know whether the good in this state.

Then, we have also can red trickle down to the bottom of the chin can be red trickle down around the SHIRO of the eye.

Because the veterinarian passes the entered medicine of "steroid, please eat mixed in food.

However, as long as they continue to several years went by and this medicine, you will skin the last to become a tattered in the skin, such as the elephant.

I said, "the Akita dog I often this kind of skin disease from long time ago." I was flabbergasted.

I think that very opts with this vet, it has been replaced on the other vet.

New treatment began instead to a new vet.

Again, even the administration of the one once again steroid treatment does not know of the Akita dog began here.

I, is going to take to the vet Institute has become irresistibly hate hate.

On one occasion, I took to the vet Council in a hurry because the anomaly came to eye.

At that time I SHIRO was angry with "U-Tsu" for the first time to the vet.

I did not know the meaning of angry SHIRO, so hit the veterinarian is strong medicine, the eyes of the SHIRO I have become like a pop-eyed goldfish out with Poko'.

Perhaps SHIRO will not was angry to perceive the danger.

Then SHIRO To The poor gradually eyes it has become invisible.

Whether the vet was also thought that bad, word


I remember saying that.


- Chapter II -

  --- I do not know leave ...

Now what took him to the vet Council for what is, meaning is Zetsumu.

But took him to the vet Council in order to cure the eyes of SHIRO, than had ended up losing the light, it does not also be a story.

Sad, sad, it did not stop the tears.

I did not have to convince the treatment of the way of a veterinarian at the time.

Since I had also suffered from their skin disease at the same time, to become alone with rely on steroids, is whether not the funny thought in my own way.

SHIRO of medicine (in particular, steroid) was stopped from becoming divert rely on from this time.

Then, because stopping the steroid, the face of the SHIRO is now in the face of full Chiumi missing SHIRO hair all.

But SHIRO was working hard without getting one sad voice.

See also take me for a walk was also miserably.

And passing of people to see the face that covered in pus, in the direction of your neighborhood

Voice to say "... Alas ..." enters into my ear,
It was comfortable, such as not he be standing even stay.

In the face of SHIRO've been flying insects in the smell of Chiumi.

I came back to the house, the rice of rice-rinsing the face of SHIRO over like a mist, was or give wipe the pus.

While the blood of the face wipe the pus, hard SHIRO to withstand my treatment.

Crying many times

I do not know whether that hug to say "SHIRO ... SHIRO ...... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...".

Rainy day, it endured for extra itchy in the humidity ...

Even in hot summer, ...... endured to come right insects

1 year took in ...... been finally grows SHIRO pure SHIRO hair on the face of the SHIRO

I remember that really was happy as of yesterday.

This remains, I wish when the eyes of the SHIRO also heal .........

And I have thought a greedy thing.

But, in'd better the place of the eyes of this child to me! !

Protect this child is because not only me! !

Anyway, I decided to Mamorinuko the SHIRO in a way that he or she consents.


- Chapter III -

 --- Toward the light ...!

Of the face of the SHIRO treatment also subside, it is more of your neighborhood and go out for a walk,

"I worked hard SHIRO-chan well. Yooku I wish really Hidokattane .... Quiet and very good girl I was healed! That time is up here ...."
If, gave me praise openly.

This time, SHIRO, because what to eat let even if the skin condition was not good, anyway had plagued the head with or not is not any good way.

Read a lot of this, it had continued efforts to ingratiate the information of the Akita dog.

At that time, I learned that there is an organization called "Akita dog Preservation Society".

Want to learn all of the things about the Akita dog on the phone here! ! I tried to think up the phone with.

Then, towards the office is under .. tell me the contact of Gifu branch, we immediately contacted the branch president's home branch.

Shibucho san, was to hear a very pleasant story.

So, under .. variously tell the story of the Akita dog, I can also hear my SHIRO story.

Since that time, there is an exhibition of the near future Akita dog Preservation Society of the branch, please come to play. And it has received the invitation.

"Perhaps, it may be useful in the treatment of SHIRO if you go in there ..."
I think, I went to the exhibition of the branch in the thought that also clings straw.

There are, and there are many colorful respectable Akita dog, exactly what was the lineup serving early.

"...... That might have someone to help the SHIRO house in this."

I was desperate and I think so.

I tried to call out to various people.

But everyone is in desperate aspect to kick - off the dog to the exhibition, will was not far from listening to my story.

At that time, suddenly it is more of one of the men told me to listen to my story.

Where you talk about the current state of the SHIRO to that person, we received one of the business card.

At that point, and that person is my teacher did not dream I think.

It is after a few days the day I tried to phone towards the man.

The current state of the now SHIRO talking in great detail, we will teach the preparation of food that matches the SHIRO, saw giving food as you are told.

Then, the SHIRO of the skin condition is gradually getting well was found to be visible to the eye.

Way at the time of the bait, and finely the SHIRO meat of Japanese mustard spinach and Chinese cabbage and chicken, I had to eat mixed with calcium that you create and put the dog food and rice a little miso.

Sometimes, because the SHIRO there is a thing no longer walk may fall over or vomiting, but had to drink got a herbal medicine for a run veterinarian to veterinarian Council reluctantly, to me you had been apparently wit's end not meet even the Chinese herbal medicine those of neighbors,

"Once, because there is a veterinary hospital in animal husbandry department of the university hospital, when I carry the foot?"

We will teach that, now carry the foot to the university hospital with her SHIRO.

(Incidentally, animal husbandry department of Gifu University has also heard that famous nationwide.)


- Chapter IV -

  --- Toward the real treatment ...

When the SHIRO if previous veterinarians take fallen

"The other, Motanaikamo ...... Keep thinking any chance of that." I said, well said,

"Please help I do not want !! somehow !! teacher thank you !!"
Crying and I was a please.

Of being told the same thing?
It was wicket the gates of the university hospital in a feeling of anxiety.

But, teacher of the University Hospital, the eyes to see the SHIRO was completely different from the conventional veterinarian.

The first time I have peace of mind, it was the treatment that can be convincing.

I, told finely that the contents were asked to consult a veterinarian up to this.

Then teacher,
"Before this serious, I to I should this take on one more quickly. This dog is poor." It was told.

And get a look at the herbal medicine I got before,
"This is, I'm Chinese herbal medicine that does not match the SHIRO-chan. And this herbal medicine is let's quit because tight." I was told.

Dog food has also been pointed out that Convert to what was in SHIRO.

For out squeal in the middle of the night often SHIRO, and hear the cause, apparently, I was told that Will joints ache surely in vitamin deficiencies.

By mixing the feed vitamins, the SHIRO of the body is going to become a well was found to take in hand.

Is the hot was with breath, but this time eating the food has gone bad.

I funny ...?

I thought, but the tartar accumulate a lot very much in the mouth, I became ill with periodontal disease.

In the mouth is in the calculus Marche, it was very hard.

Cause since the that had eaten much rice, but the calculus for many years, accumulated.

As a way to cleanly removed, to do with the general anesthesia was that better.

However, it can not general anesthesia in SHIRO body is weak.

Life-threatening because it may be.

Unavoidably, give him a fester stop, chilled roast the ice pick of the first in the fire, I ran the way to take the tartar in the SHIRO of mouth.

Every day, work every day, take plugging away, plugging away, the SHIRO of tartar? The was to continue.

Taking to clean the tartar, to out to see SHIRO look, now the morning and evening of food to eat up the tongue of.

When the SHIRO of the shampoo was also wash using a nerve so as not to multiply the burden on the body.

SHIRO Will it be seen that the I, me and really cooperate in our Science and Engineering's.

When I took him to University Hospital, SHIRO had me meet quietly in the first meeting of the teacher.

I have pleased it, it remains vivid in the memory even now.


- Chapter V -

  --- As long as the power of ...

The SHIRO has lost the light is when the 2-year-old.

Breeding still do not have the correct knowledge of the Akita dog.

Still think of their own, without permission kept was of is, was the major cause of the failure.

Only regret again and again.

It will remain even now.

SHIRO, in order to eye can not see, of course, did not walk only at a slow slow pace.

Not walk only slower than the elderly walking with a cane.

Really slowly, you will not be able to walk only at a pace that is slow turtle san walked in.

Even on a rainy day, snow day, stormy day also, even if sometimes thunder suddenly come, so can not be run, SHIRO nor I, and ended up soaking wet all Bitabita from the top of the head, yeah It was hard.

SHIRO, even if not see the eyes, was the dog that can be in contact get along with anyone.

Both of course the dog was a dog that it can be in contact without prejudice.

It was unfussy and the own pace child.

Anyway, here the feeling is seen child, SHIRO Nari on I think we were doing the care.

But, perhaps because the had with various diseases, will grow up a little body is smaller than the female dog to a male dog, did not know of the upbringing I ...
I will regret even now and was not sorry to SHIRO.

Even though good boy ...

Although it is a very good boy ...

Even though the child can be seen a very pleasant ...

I, did not give know the SHIRO ...

I'm sorry ... SHIRO ......

Precious, precious SHIRO of my only one person (one animal).

For example, even if it will be any form,

My feeling is much ... much ... does not change ...

Forever, I will Iyo also ... together forever.

To me, because SHIRO only not ...

Much, because we observe ......

I love ... SHIRO.

I am grateful to the SHIRO that let to such a feeling.

From it, the teacher of each month of the University Hospital,

"SHIRO, because now physical strength has been quite weak, thinking that keep the state of this remains a low-altitude flight as well let's the there treatment for this child."

Once, the teacher told us.

About 45 minutes position take journey by car from the house attended by the pace of the month along with the SHIRO.

Sometimes, SHIRO never was drunk even once in the car, been weakened considerably physical strength, there was also be vomiting.

But SHIRO was also worked hard trying to heal the body with me.

SHIRO, before the winter to be soon in the 10-year-old, my work is very busy, firm, may not give a look at the SHIRO.

What should I do…


While I think that was also Akekure the body of the SHIRO in the management of work and SHIRO while Rowari.

Evening of snow cold likely down day.

SHIRO is brought sudden string for a walk, we have signaled to go for a walk.

I, "Yeah. I say. Do you go together. But you know, SHIRO, I'm very cold today ... you, Are body all right?"

While referred to as, slowly, went out for a walk with the SHIRO not walk only slowly.

SHIRO, it gave me slowly walked to hard.

Neatly, plop also gave me also pee.

To return to the house, from the After a while, SHIRO before a possible fresh warm rice gave me to eat clean without leaving a single grain.

When is the ...

SHIRO "Gann !!"

When it issued the unprecedented voice.

Surprised, I rush to the place of SHIRO.

SHIRO had stretched out the tongue.

I was what "SHIRO !! SHIRO !! !!
What are not breathe! ! SHIRO! !
Wow ~! ! Damee ~! !
Do not squid! ! Do not squid! !
~ Help someone! ! Please! SHIRO!
Come back! ! Not be alone! !
SHIRO! ! Shiiro ~! ! "When

It was Nakijakuri while suffering embrace the SHIRO in the arm.

Immediately, I had to look into Machiisha did after you've already gone.


- The final chapter -

--- Thank you SHIRO ...

At the time, examination of the University Hospital, without me seeing only time zone in the morning, could not be a choice but to rely absolutely on Machiisha.

Regret will remain, but it was not unavoidable in this current situation.

Then afterward, I only that of SHIRO was not away from the head.

If you do not want to do anything every day, just I was stunned.

Even through the front of the pet Shopu, a puppy is cute did not at all think.

Want to see the puppy ... not accustomed to the feeling that, was that you do not always see.

And painful every day ... and painful ... was nothing but blame yourself.

Before long, SHIRO died came early summer, one animal of the Akita dog came to our house.

Since before the SHIRO death had made the stilts kennel on their own, now that keep a dog in it.

"Only this time, do not waste the lives of SHIRO !!" that kind of feeling has boiled strongly.

Many times in the exhibition of Akita dog preservation society carries a foot, or exhibitors the dog, for the skin disease of the Akita dog, we have been various learned.

I, Do this until the road myself of walked, and the experience, I wish I could go tell the many things even a little to the enthusiasts of the Akita dog .........
I think, I took the qualification of the Akita dog breeders.

Dog is not changed in just cute.
Akita dog is the skin is weak dog.

I guess, the best of the dog, and tell everyone exactly the bad place, I wish I can go enjoy life along with the Akita dog knows the splendor of the Akita dog ...
I think.

Dog of pedigree papers is, when compared to the mongrel dog, is also true that in many cases congenitally sickly.

So, it is involved in the pedigree, not only to the human self-satisfaction, not might be a nuisance for the dog.

However, because you always must regardless of the pedigree in order to protect the species, as the breeder, is the place to worry about honesty.

※ The young dog age does not go out the symptoms, male dog, as overlaying the adult dog and age, or turbid SHIRO eyes, the dog skin disease may become severe, seen quite a lot in the Akita dog year.

We are in the (30 years ago) the modern and the symptoms have declined certainly, but, does not mean 100% sure "no".

Once upon a time to think, there was a kind hearted male very child out.
This puppy it is grades preeminent well in the exhibition, (especially young dogs era)
We also, we original mating was flooded.

But as it grows, it is that most of the dogs became ill with skin disease.
That pedigree of skin disease in the "genetic" appears, it is that was a series.

Akita dog breeding is actively Europe, especially in Germany, or eyes turned SHIRO,
Out of the skin, the dog who have left, do not allow the crossing, in other words, I have heard not to issue a pedigree.

In our kennel, in particular to "emphasize" the hereditary,
Mating carefully selected the dog without any such cases to the ancestors, we are working on breeding.

As a member of our family, please cherished.

To more and more customers, this is of course an obligation of us breeders.

   This kennel is thinking that way.

Last until I received your reading! Thank you very much.

I am an important work that keep the life.

Akita dog is a love with a selfless love, we have realized that it is deep dog to love.

The original of everyone, as you will receive this thought ...

And outgoing with great sincerity ...

Under .. find here, with all your heartfelt gratitude that I was looking for here ...