(Puppy Garden) Natural monument Akita dog Preservation Society Sangi branch Papii Akita


Puppy-Garden representative Katsumi Iwai

Iwai of Puppy-Garden is Katsumi.

The owner blog, has been riding name as "Kirara remain"

When launched for the first time blog, in my kept Akita dog of name Maegahime good are people (Kirara), we decided to get this name to my aka.

It is the beginning of "Kirara leave".

In Kirara thanks to, as the current breeder, will be the growth, we are grateful to Kirara.

I want to cherish that touch encounter a lot of customers.

And what We come here than, here I would like to sincerely grateful that I should be looking for, it will be returned the first greeting.

Please please please Ferris slowly m (_ _) m