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B petting events of the Akita dog

2013 October 6, 11:00 to 16:30
At Gifu Takashimaya 1F stage

This petting event was held in Gifu Nobunaga Festival.

This time, but 160,000 customers was taken foot in the festival Nobunaga, it was slightly less than 40 million people in the last year of the number of visitors.

Hideaki's and Ito actor last year, Nagoya Kawamura mayor, it seems overlaps with the Gifu national polity that it was the number of visitors than ever before.

This year it seems that there was little things that become the main festival Nobunaga, I felt that we should know the more situation.

Since the number of visitors can not grasp that it is not a day, away convinced that there is a number of visitors as last year also this year, is that it was difficult to grasp the wave this year.
There is a wave to customers that you see the event, there was a variation in number than last year.

This event is not performed by Our exclusive use of one of the room, I noticed one of the problems can be how appeal to the Akita dog to passing customers.

Variations or suddenly pulling people by the time of the visitors, will be was not familiar with the corresponding or out crowded suddenly and the like and reflection point.

Novoli was new produce.
Partly because we are not familiar, was to Irezu Kana was only in Akita dog, it seems those of most customers in the description does not rotate has been referred to as the Akita dog (Akita-Ken).

Customers in Akita dog (Akitainu)
Next As you can call and will produce a more descriptive Novoli.

Than this year next year, I think more and more, in order to enjoy the customers, out of their appeal that you want the theme to the front and try Itadako pleased with our shopping district of this Yanagase.

As this time the contents of the event to prepare two horses the Akita dog, I was having fun or put the falling-inclusive figure and ran to our customers.

Puppy also prepared two horses, to avoid fatigue by replacing the puppy When after a certain amount of time, I was enjoying the petting of the puppy to the customer.

Adult dogs be or Furea' take pictures in many of our customers allowed to rest alternately, I think that it was possible to appeal to the goodness of the Akita dog.

"I quiet Akita dog." From everyone "I there is a cute and charming. I. Nostalgic" opinion were received many such.

This was generous to provide a sample of the food than the previous.

Customers we were brought back a sample of the food that was in very gladly your own dog.

Upon making the stage of Akita dog petting event, this time we have also have better finesse of members in the third.

If the Akita dog before the event are allowed to rest in the gauge, come to see you in a lot of customers of the Akita dog gauge or a Muscovy duck, now full of customers who want to see faster Akita dog.

But because had less number of staff this time, I hope that gather many next time.