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A petting events of the Akita dog

In 2012, June 10, 10-16
am Gifu Takashimaya 1F stage

On the day of good weather, it was a tremendous turnout overlap and Gifu national polity and Nobunaga festival.
(Opening day I did not know at all in advance and was not overlap with the festival.)

People when I was a set-up preparation of the venue was moved up 30 minutes the start time so has increased steadily.

As before, children of families rising nostalgia the Akita dog? Please elderly had to barrage the "cute".

The first on the size of the Akita dog were some people confused, but when it is understood the quiet at the Akita dog, enjoyed the physical contact with confidence.

As a new attempt from this event, we created a panel such as the origins and history of the Akita dog.

So was the verbal description until now, it is not been understood in such Kikimorashi? It was created as a panel from the remorse that.

This attempt I think that people who can read carefully stopped before the panel was a success because there were a lot.

Activities of foster parents recruited and the last time I was also a panel, but I can read a lot of people.

Dock show was only included the last Standing was also added to the "run".

Akita to customers of cheers went up in the form of running a dog is a fresh surprise, I feel like was able to tell me the beauty of Akita dog from the general public.

Where was the attract customers on the stage, Kawamura Nagoya mayor was Torikakara.

Where this member has described the spirit of this event, we have to understand.
In that case, whether to guess that the staff are nervous, whether Kawamura mayor has just gotten to feel free to talk, we have to help to moderated on stage.

Until the end can be terminated with a great success without human expires, I am very pleased.