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@ petting events of the Akita dog

In 2012, June 10, 10-16
am Gifu Takashimaya 1F stage

I myself and construction of the stage along with everyone that had you buy a dog until now, was held for the first time of the event.

Yanagike Seto nor less now pedestrian traffic increased shutter street, but the day was how much of worried people gather of the day is a surprising number of people have kindly carrying the foot.

Like a lot of people first saw the Akita dog, was Irasshai puzzled to size.

However, we Irasshai enjoying everyone in touch and explain the quietness and Hitonatsukko of the Akita dog.

Families with small children like many are visitors, or Furea' the Akita dog, was take pictures.

Children but I thought I scared a large dog, such worry was also available very fun contrary.

Older women that have been coming in a wheelchair is a look at the Akita dog had been referred to as a "nostalgic".

A long time ago it is realized anew when he Akita dog had many kept being than it is now as a member of the family, was keenly aware of the need to increase the activity to spread the Akita dog.

Are interested in Akita dog, take a look at the puppy information of foster parent recruitment, we had a question a number of questions to the staff.

Little interested in the Akita dog girl I was allowed someone with a puppy from the staff.

I size of the Akita dog you can see in this photo is also in the puppy.

It is part of the also important activities to get interested in the animal through the Akita dog for children us.

Many of the visitors are families with children was the shopper.

The person who knows this time of the events at the shop, which was stopped, but the people who have carried the foot were many

Members of the local Yanagase mall and Gifu Takashimaya also had been very surprised by the abundance of the turnout of this event.

Chairman's shopping district, was very pleased We are very impressed with the docile Akita dog I'm a multi-and large-sized dog of manpower "Please Come doing also," the words.