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[About Akita dog shampoo]

Akita dog, vulnerable to moisture, is prone to breed the inflammation of the skin.

So, shampoo also, and commercially available flea shampoo, the use of low-cost shampoo, until the oil component necessary for the skin also I dropped, later, if you or missing hair, the money for the treatment and swollen red take There is also.

Akita dog shampoo, we recommend that you use a gentle shampoo to mild skin.

However, even with the use of the shampoo that matches the Akita dog, not to the chitin and rinsing, also it will be able to spend a considerable amount of time to heal Kitaichi some inflammation from there into the skin.

This kennel is, and guidance how to correct shampoo of Akita dog, we have recommended a shampoo that matches the Akita dog.

If there is a thing of the problems with your shampoo please contact us to our kennel.

It will be your explanation for details.