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Introduction to ...

● Is trying to male dog? Or trying to female dog? Good to ... if you choose either?

This kennel is, if to welcome for the first time Akita dog, we recommend a female dog.

Because, the person who is going for a walk, the majority are often housewives, Akita because the dog is there is a time to put out a great force in an instant, and concerned about the danger.

Force is stronger than the male dog, who of female dogs is's the better.

For example, Akita dogs, cats and dead leaves, pigeon, to some, such as ... their interests wild birds, immediately the reaction, instantaneous force also is not odd.

Winter and snow-covered road, if such a thing has happened in the night of the dark road, female dog, but you can is also induced in women, if you are not familiar with the male dog, fell Dari, and is been injured dangerous it will be a judgment.

So, if that is kept for the first time Akita dog, This kennel, we have recommended a female dog.

Absolutely, who male dog is hope and want is, walk strong men and the power of the, you become indispensable conditions which may be ask young people to.

This kennel is, I am allowed to determine the breeding conditions in the last position of how everyone that kept the Akita dog.

However, after you have gotten the first to live in the house a female dog enough familiar, for those who kept the male dog to the biceps first is, because accustomed to the Akita dog, you sure you want is selected the male dog to the next step I think.

On greet the dog this way in the first, and to become a member of the family, I would like to ask that you please recognize that a variety of knowledge becomes essential.

●For the management of the mother dog of our kennel

A change in the mother dog in the mother dog physiology of every day until it enters the day of ovulation beginning exercise bear without check, how giving of food, we have a way of giving as usual.

Signs before menstruation begins, it depends on the individual, but the time fluff starts missing or physiology will begin when the fluff fell out all.

By crossing of the mother dog and father dog, sending the sperm into the uterus, where conception begins.

※At this point, the confirmation of whether or not able to completely conception mother dog is unknown.

Sperm in the womb is that you gently rest the mother dog to life force of about three days there, encourage the preparation harboring the baby in the stomach.

Say the stomach in front of the dog to see the conception, in terms of the human, there is a thing called decreased appetite (morning sickness), there are times when you do not eat a temporary dog ??food.

It is the announcement of the first stage of the conception, will continue to do not miss this.

A healthy mind and body of the same mother dog momentum at this time of the dog as ever, also a stable mental state of the mother dog by'll grow freely, and the management so as not to put a burden on the stomach of the puppy we will.

Pregnancy is to find is, conception to, but stomach somehow past the one month is felt big, puppy is sometimes less Toka one animal in the belly, judgment of pregnancy depends on the number of the puppy .

Of course great care would be necessary.

We will continue to nourish the puppy of the stomach continue to gradually increase the calories of the food of the mother dog from here.

※ In addition, it does not say that there is no possibility of imagination pregnancy.

The mother dog will give birth to a baby in about two months pregnant.

When would the mother dog was too fattening, that of course the fat get to the whole body, birth canal fat per winding, the baby is large grew up too in the belly, the middle people baby also be Cikarang in Cikarang not come out, because you might end up choking death, depending on the number of puppies in the food and momentum and the stomach, the whole nerve is concentrated in the mother dog, we will make the management and firmly.

●For growth and delivery of the puppy ...

Born finally puppy is happily, for three days from the time this does not keep an eye, puppy so that it will not or crushed in the mother dog.

Age 3 days is too.

Puppy does not mean come born the same size all.

Puppies that have been born small purchases against a place out of the Lowest milk at this time, will continue to aid growth.

Newborn puppy will not be able to adjust the temperature yourself.

We will continue to manage the temperature of the birth chamber of the state of the constant temperature.

※ If neglect the temperature management in the cold winter season, puppy is hypothermia, it becomes heat stroke in the season hot summer.

When it comes to two weeks of age, puppies are somehow begins to open your eyes, and how to open the eyes and Boya ~.

Don Don will continue to grow while drinking milk at an early pitch.

In one month of age, it will continue to grow larger repeat the chain of baby food and breast milk from here over the first round of deworming.

This time has already teeth of the puppy is growing, so are drinking milk a dog food that usually the mother dog is eating as a nutrient source, you can eat in peace because it is the same dog food.

Because it does not have given the other completely different dog food, it will grow up and without vigorously to worry about such as reduction of diarrhea and poor physical condition.

Puppies from these days, or the like siblings quarrel, began remember that play with each other puppy, we will wear the so-called social.

※This kennel it will be the advance sale of tours and puppy puppy from this period.

First of all, to tell the Akita dog of the ABCs to learn to see the puppy, we have talked about it as firmly a for owners like and Akita dogs live happy.

And, when it comes to two months of age, multiplied again the second time of deworming, This kennel until age two months, and the society of which was firmly, from raising the immunity of puppy given plenty of breast milk, and the new owners like it has been the delivery ...

● Once you pick a puppy ...

In our kennel, by making the same environment that grew up puppy, we try to eliminate the stress of the puppy.

So, we are allowed to offer the same cage in our kennel.

See here for a video to reference in detail.

As described in the video, the cage'll do put on those who have as much as possible of the wall of the corner.

Because the dog had originally living in the cellar.

So, the dog's no all directions wall is not able to regain composure, you will feel the stress.

I think you can see to be a look at the dog, but the dog is apparently well the sight of sleeping is no part of the body to the wall.

This is a habit of the original dog, it is for the owner like is gonna make that environment, I think it essential.

This kennel to put the cage in the back of the house is not recommended.

Please kept at the door. And it has a hope.

Entrance is the first door that incoming family, here to play the role of watchdog little by little by placing the dog, the dog will continue to more and more learning.

Puppy went to the original of the new family, but still started crying at night without familiar with the environment, we have been guidance and is better not immediately go to the side of the puppy just because began to cry at night.

Because, puppy come quacks, in other words, can you listen to what you say yourself quacks, it is because would give naturally the belief that.

Puppy in most cases, crying at night will fall in three days.

The reminiscent of the "come quacks," "come if Yobe" is not a dog to serve the owner, will become into a form that people can serve in the dog.

Akita because the dog is obedient dog to serve people, you already can master-slave relationship between the first step at this point.

Puppy is the same as the human baby, most of the day is spent sleeping.

If you go near the puppy, it indicates a reaction trying to live up to it.

So, it accumulates stress too care too much puppy.

Puppy is nervous, it will grow up to the dogs feel the wariness to the people.

Puppy is ideal is to grow comfortably in a quiet environment.

The sort of thing, it should have come as a frame of mind.