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● whether the kennel is why towards the Akita dog ...?

Those who he often been made the breeding of Akita dog, and owner that he has been managing the dog of the exhibition of the Akita dog, and firmly the management of the Akita dog, that kennel in order to manage in perfect condition prepare things.

Why ...?

Akita dog is a species of the north of the country dog, it is well covered with looking at the dog hair of state Harike and the fluff.

There is fluff in the Harike ...
Akita dog is very good in cold resistance, will also be well cold as hair blown condition if Samukere.

Left of the photo of the dog blows the hair of the dog if you spent in the room Ichifuyu state.

Hair Blowing state of the dog if the dog to the right of the photo, which spent one winter outside shepherd in the kennel.

This only Akita dog will come out the difference.

And, do you why stilts that make a kennel can make the most suitable are environment for the Akita dog in?

It is, Akita dog is the dog species of strong cold resistance to cold.

That, that breed of dog with a cold resistance is spend in the kennel and bay window there is only log house, such as the plastic will be very difficult.

Weak in heat resistance, because the density of the fluff is a large dog species, it must also be recognized that say the weak to humidity.

Speaking of easy-to-understand, for example, as we with our human body is covered with hair, such as the Akita dog.

From scalp hair high fluff of dense rate from therein have been growing a long needle hair comes grows directly from the background ...

How do you feel if put in the hut of a sealed condition at that time?

 We are in the hut of plastic ... .
   We are in the hut that does not pass through the wind of log house ... .

In will come as a hot and Jime'.

And how it will endure if you?

When you think of it, and the lower the gridiron in stilts, keeping the state through which the cold from the bottom, I think we spend comfortable is better to have the loophole of the ceiling is high wind.

In addition, hot season to say the dog is, the cold season, by feel strong day and the wind in the body, you can make a rhythm by raise or lower heart rate of the heart.

We go and finished with a strong and robust dog.

When the dog facing the outside shepherd would kept in the room, it goes the results in order not to hit only a certain heart rate is to naturally reverse direction.

Akita dog is spent sleeping half of the day.

Guarded calm to live quietly is the best, kennel Akita dog, you need essential.

I hope you can understand you to say that it is the most ideal environment for kennel Akita dog on stilts.

By the way female dog of the case to the birth is increased by one feet from under the floor of the kennel (30 cm), it must be the adjustment of the height, such as the stomach of the baby does not hit the ground.

Other than pregnancy, in the normal, male, the female both, raised two feet or more (60 cm), by which the ceiling is also high, even time was humid in the summer, by this consideration, the Akita dog made it possible to spend comfortable the is coming.

※is that not too much to make a wide medium to be point attention to when to have a kennel.

Since the result arrived the habit of defecating in a too wide have decided certain size, but please contact us for more information to our kennel.

●kennel choose well the direction in which the build ...

If you built a kennel, the most essential thing is the direction to build.

Most of the ideal, in front of the east, it is preferable to build the west in the direction of the back, by prior to the east, Akita dog that drew plenty of Asahi will increase bone density.

Wherever possible, the should not be built, it is to build toward the setting sun.

The afternoon sun will get the most hot, to exhaustion early strength of the Akita dog.

Be built in front of the afternoon sun, first, it can not be recommended.

Even if you do not built to the east of direction, it is okay if it is not the setting sun.

You must be careful at this time, to the consideration of such reed screen, you want to avoid the direct of the hot summer sunshine.

●always clean the inside of the kennel ...

Gridiron in is in the kennel be cleaned diligently is also important to keep clean.

Once a month I'll Clean the inside of the kennel if possible and, never feel the stress even without the dog be dirty so much also Akita dog.

When the cleaning of the gridiron for years or allowed to stand, to say that the dog is, you sometimes or even defecation.

If put in without wash bacteria enters, there is no there is no concern to bring about some sort of disease in the body of the Akita dog.

We no longer had a defect so that we fought against the treatment that does not go away and sometimes a lifetime.。

Hard this is just one example, if the owner was in without the cleaning of the gridiron, Akita and vagina of the part of the dog of the female has got a swollen fester in bacteria, while administration also antibiotic past few years treatment is an example must be also because is there in reality.

In this way, the Akita dog was raised the example that's dog species with a very delicate part.