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[Until now the Akita dog]

The beginning of the Showa era, beginning World War II, in the food flame, at that time I have heard that there was also the era that has been with the food the puppy redhead dog.

Also population not afford to give the bait, such as a large dog and a decrease, at the time reality is not was able to female dog Akita dog remains only biceps.

That, by breeding from the female dog of the biceps, has been improved to a good Akita dog quality preferred by the Japanese.

And, it has been completed in the current of the Akita dog.

Originally how giving of food to the dog of Japanese is Bukkake rice diluted miso soup was commonplace.

Since the constitution of Akita dog of biceps it was has been taken over by the gene of the Japanese dogs, given the way of food, such as Europe and the United States will did not face.

After all, there is a place that is proportional to the constitution = Japanese constitution of Japan dog (Akita dog), but unfortunately in the pet shop of the current pet store or home center, and have never seen so much the sale of the Akita dog think...

At the beginning a decade before the Showa, family that kept the Akita dog also Kind regards also anywhere in the boom of the Akita dog Hachiko was the majority.

If you look at the big dog, anything in the background of the era that has been said that the Akita dog, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, the immediate family or composite family who live in the enclosed children House was commonplace era.

Before long, the era is entering a period of nuclear family, nuclear family formation unwittingly is we have become a commonplace of the era.

That needs to fit today's society is, we are experiencing a rapidly growing aimed at downsizing of the pet.

In the background, in the high-growth era is called the Chihuahua of the boom is the topic that has made a big hit in the CM to, anyone arrival of Hiroshi dog boom that does not take so much also easily frog labor becomes commonplace, pet shop, home improvement pet shop is not has been raised a lot of profit by placing the Western dogs of most small dog.

So, Domestic easy dog for small dogs and medium-sized dog is by the attention events of the people, of course, dog food also, now put the food that suits the dog, consumers and producers of the relationship is to keep well year.